Friday, June 29, 2012

Hungry? Have a Burrito!

So I have been reading a lot lately about moms who plan meals ahead and who do a lot of freezer meals. This is something I am really interested in because I try to do a lot of cooking in an effort to avoid eating out. I do this because 1 its cheaper and 2 its healthier for my family. Today I decided to take on the challenge of making a bunch of breakfast burritos and freezing them for us to have for the next 2-3 weeks. This was an extremely cheap meal idea and it will be great for breakfast times and even some snack times when we are looking for something quick and fast!

Here is what I bought:
30 eggs - $2.88
onion - $0.76 (I only used a little less then half of it)
bell pepper - $0.75
flour tortillas - $5.36 (40 count, small size)
pork mild sausage - $2.78
bag shredded cheese - $2.16
Salsa - $1.98 (I used one whole jar)

Total = $16.67

I had enough to fill all 40 tortillas and we had enough for breakfast this morning! I want to try some corn tortillas next time!

So I started by preparing the meat. I cooked the sausage and bell pepper and onions together and I added some garlic powder, pepper, seasoning salt until it had the right amount of flavor. Once that was done I sat it to the side and cooked my 30 eggs (seriously that is a lot of egg cracking!). I added some milk to my eggs as I was beating them. I added some butter to the skillet before cooking the eggs just to add some extra moisture to the eggs since I would be freezing them and I didn't want them to dry out. Once the eggs were done I added the meat mixture. I also prepared the cheese and salsa in bowls so it would be easier to build my burritos. Then I tore out foil to wrap each individual burrito in, I also heated my tortillas in the microwave to soften them us so they would be easier to fold. This is what my work station looked like:

This is what it looked like when I was finished:

I must add that I have two of the best helpers when I need to go grocery shopping:

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  1. Hey, that looks really good. And by the way, I want to go grocery shopping too, but only if I get to ride with the girls!