Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Thrill of the Ride!

I have been enjoying some good times with the girls lately. I would like to tell you about our trip to Hurricane Harbor and Six Flags. Olivia was very excited to go and we thought she was defiantly old enough now to enjoy it. Hurricane Harbor was a lot of fun and we spent most of the time playing in the kids swim areas and floating the lazy river. Olivia was also so very excited about playing in the wave pool. She jumped on those waves and laughed each and every time. We were careful to keep sunscreen on us all the whole day but Josh and I ended up with a bright red sunburn while Olivia left with a beautiful golden brown tan (she has the best skin)!

The next day we went to Six Flags and I was slightly concerned that Olivia might not enjoy it as much, I couldn't have been more wrong!! We got a flash pass so that we wouldn't have to wait in any lines and then the adventure begun. Olivia went on one ride after the other and she couldn't get enough! She loved riding every roller coaster that they would let her on and the especially liked the boat roller coaster that ended up with us soaked to the bone at the end of it. I couldn't have taken a picture that could have captured the happiness on her face, it's a mental image that I will always carry around with me. She was so brave and for being only 3 she truly acted so mature the whole day. We ate lunch on a picnic table and she got to feed some ducks and she also enjoyed that. I couldn't believe how well both days went and how much she enjoyed them. She was grateful that my dad (her grandpa) had taken her on such a fun trip!

It was also my very first time to leave Kiley Rose all night and I must admit I really missed being away from her. I realize that it's good for me to get away sometimes but I sure did miss my little girl. It was good however to have an opportunity to give Olivia some one on one attention and I think she really enjoyed her time with us.

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