Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tents, Smores and the Great Outdoors!

A few weekends ago our family and some friends of ours went on a camping trip to Beavers Bend. The best part was how excited Olivia was about going. She kept asking me if we were taking our tent and our food and of course her new sleeping bag! Olivia might have been almost as excited as Josh.  Josh just loves the whole camping experience and even though I didn’t grow up camping I can see that it will become something we do on a regular bases. We had a great tent and we had brought along good food so we were all set to go. We went with our friends who have a little girl who is Olivia’s age and they are best friends. The hardest part about the whole experience was fitting two families and all our camping gear in our SUV. The pictures below will show how we managed it! Olivia loved making smores over the campfire and skipping rocks in the lake. We took a hike that mostly consisted of us walked along a road looking for the hiking trail that we never found (haha). On our way to our campsite we saw some deer who obviously had little fear of humans because we got some up close pictures that I will share below. It was a great trip and I won’t lie, I had my doubt about the whole thing but I was pleasantly surprised! 

Trying to load the car, this required a little skill and a lot of faith

But we managed it! This is at a gas station only 10 miles from home, Olivia already had to take a potty break!

The deer

Our campsite!

My lil camper....she steals my heart no matter what she does

Josh working on getting the tent set up...I was helping by taking pictures ;)

Kiley enjoyed camping too.....

....well maybe not

Ready to go hiking

Kiley loves her tongue now that she has discovered it

Breakfast the next morning

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  1. Man! I'm so behind reading all your entertaining posts. This camping trip looked like so much fun. Maybe one of these days you'll let me tag along. I'm a great camp cook. LOL